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Bródy Sándor utca

Eclectic beauty in the Palace quarter

€ 271 876
101 m2
3 Bedrooms
Blaha Lujza square
Floor 4
Inner garden yard view

Full refurbishment was finished in 2016, transformed into a stunning, eclectic design 2.5 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. Perfectly located in the charming and well-demanded Bródy Sándor street right in the heart of the lovely atmosphere of the Palace district.

  • high-floor, all day quiet property facing to an inner green yard
  • fully furnished apartment planned and designed as an investment property, long tenanted apartment
  • cheerful living room with sofa, reading corner, hand-picked piece of furniture, refurbished vintage pieces
  • half-separate, large, fully fitted and equipped kitchen with all the high-end electrical machines and kitchen appliances (big fridge, freezer, exhaust fan, dishwasher, electrical oven-hub, micro etc)
  • spacious dining suite
  • 3 separate entrance, chic bedrooms all has a bit different sizes: one is a master bedroom has wardrobe, working desk and an-suite bathroom, the other is smaller double bedroom equipped working desk, wardrobe, third room is the smallest, it can be used as single bedroom/study
  • 2 modern bathrooms both have a walk-in shower, sanitary
  • guest sanitary

chic & charm

  • good size entry hall with shoe rack, coat hangers
  • maintained charming building with elevator
  • wonderful, tastefully furnished apartment, designed with unique, vintage furniture and custom-built pieces like double bed headboard, refurbished vintage armchairs, old vinyl-record player cocktail cabinet etc..
  • ideal for roommates, professionals, families
  • asking price fixed in HUF 109.9M forint


The heart of the Palace quarter, right next to Gutenberg square. Neighborhood has perfect atmosphere, despite of the discreet and silent milieu the downtown is 2 stops away. The great National Museum with it’s Museum garden is just a stroll away. The main library is nearby. The vivid Ráday strip is in an easy walk. This busy pedestrian street is full of bars, cafes, restaurants, shops from spring till late fall. Mikszáth square and Lőrinc pap square quiet elegance represent the area, the charm of the Palace quarter. Elte, Corvinus, Semmelweis Universities are all in a short distance.

Public transportation is amazing. M2 (red) metro at Blaha Lujza square, also the M4 new metro line is at Rákóczi square just the other side of the Ringroad. Only few meters walk to the Ringroad where the main tram number 4-6 runs day and night. M3 (blue) metro stop at Kálvin square.

Blaha Lujza square hub

Budapest 8. Bródy Sándor utca 36.


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