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Régi posta utca

Prime downtown apartment

€ 324,302
94 m2
2 Bedrooms
Deák square
Floor 1
Street and inner yard view

Pure elegance, premium apartment located in the most-demanded quarter of Budapest, Régiposta street in District 5, few minutes walk to the popular Váci fashion street and Danube river.

  • great investment potential, long term tenanted apartment
  • fully refurbhished, classy apartment transformed into a delicate design, perfect downtown apartment
  • ultramodern living zone with sofa sets, flatscreen TV, modern fireplace
  • open-plan, fully fitted and equipped large kitchen with all the built-in electrical appliances, high-end kitchen accessories, electrical builts-in
  • great size, tasty dining suite
  • 2 separate, beautifully designed, large double bedrooms, master bedroom has en-suite bathroom and large built-in wardrobe, facing to the street, second bedroom offers double bed, huge floor to top wardrobes, facing to the inner yard
  • 2 elegant bathrooms, en-suite bathroom has both shower, bathtub, double basin, bidet, the other features shower, sanitaries
  • unique, luxurious designed apartment with perfect downtown location, Budapest’s famous fashion street, called Váci utca one block away

beautiful, classy-elegant features, high-ceiling, elegant glass inlayed doors

  • AC
  • high security service such as camera, alarm and grid
  • large, floor to top windows let lots of light
  • beautiful, classy-elegant features, high-ceiling, elegant glass inlayed doors, wooden floor
  • common cost 23000huf/month
  • asking price fixed in HUF 132 900 000Ft
  • asking sale price inlcudes all the furnishing and builts-in accessories


Right in the heart of the Budapest downtown. Great atmosphere and surroundings. It is a stroll away from Deák square. Vörösmarty square and Váci street are the most famous pedestrian street with it’s fancy restaurants and cafes, boutiques, shops, bars, hotels are within a few steps away. Danube river is a short walk away. The main shopping area with chic boutiques and salons of the latest fashions are just outside your doorstep. This unique and charasteristic apartment located right in the perfect picturesque spot. Everything is in walking distance.

Easy acces to all public transportation. Deák square offers all the 3 metro line stations, only few minutes walk.

Deák square hub

Budapest 5. Régi posta utca 11.


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